September Sponsor
Master Klean Janitorial, Inc. is a commercial janitorial service that has been satisfying our customers since 1974. We know your cleaning needs and can meet them along Colorado’s Front Range.

We enjoy our reputation as “The Distinctive Service People.” We apply that to everything that we do and customer service is our highest priority.

Excellent service does NOT always cost more. In fact, several of our customers believe that our service translates to an investment in their business, not an expense.

WHY? Because clean and sanitary buildings are proven to:

-Increase employee productivity (reduced absenteeism and healthcare costs, increased employee satisfaction)

-Reduce operating expenses (reduced risk and hazards, lower insurance costs)

-Preserve assets (extended life through proper maintenance)

-Increase building value (clean buildings sell for more $)(Sources: American Institute for Cleaning Sciences & EPA)

Call Mura Golden at 719-268-6743 today. Mura has years of experience in creating healthy environments and understands the needs of the Colorado Springs market.


Master Klean can help you to make a difference! Call us to find out how. http://masterklean.com/


Sponsorship Benefits

Explore the many opportunities to become a Pikes Peak Chapter sponsor and increase your firm's visibility and prestige within the local facility management professional community. Our PPIFMA programs and events would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors. We are grateful to the companies that have made contributions to our worthy cause.

Opportunities are available to sponsor various Chapter events including:

Monthly luncheon sponsorship is $200. Starting January 2018 the price will increase to $250.



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 Next available luncheon sponsorship is 2018.